Casino of Saint Céré, between art and concert
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Casino of Saint Céré, between art and concert
Posted on 06-09-2010 à 06:29:54
The casino of Saint Céré organise a festival until the end of the month. The festival is a mix between music and art. The director of the casino has some difficulties to accept everyone in the building during the first concert. Actually, the concert was a group called Al Jisr which one was came with the “Carmen arabo-andalouse” was a success and have attracted a lot of curious. The music was a mix between Andalusia music, Arabic one, pop music and classical one. The original part of the concert is probably from the fact that the musicians were also explaining the origin of their music instrument: place to the culture and the music at the same time. But the casino was also proposing an art exposition composed by a lot of sculpture created by Pierre Treilhes called “La metamorphose des rebuts” and another one by Gilles Sacksick and one about porcelain and patisseries by Jean Lurçat.

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