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From just bingo to bingo online
Posted on 16-02-2010 à 10:29:32
Not many people know this, but Bingo origins go far more away than you might think. We can find records of the game since de 16th century and the evolution of the rules; techniques and uses given to it are quite diverse.

The first records we find about bingo are form Italy, back in 1530, where it can be said that the bingo started as a lottery game called “Lo Giucco del Lotto D’Italia”. A couple of centuries later (1770) “Le Lotto” was introduced in France where it was played mainly by males. Being related to numbers, the game was used in Germany to teach maths to children.
However is in America where Edwin S. Lowe sees the “Beano” game being played and decided to develop it as a toy. The name of Bingo was given merely because a mistake when a player called “bingo” rather than “beano”.

From its male orientated origins to the most modern online bingo sites where we find mainly female players the Bingo has allowed many people to enjoy dull afternoons, earn money and have a good time.

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